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What We Do

Let's talk about what Temme Meil can do for you and your work.

Our entire goal is to help systems and people communicate more effectively, more efficiently, and more consistently. We want to make sure you understand the core of what's being said to you, and we want to help you understand how your own messages are coming across to others. We work with you on this in a few ways:


We look at the communications, point out patterns, and help things evolve accordingly:

  • Emotional patterns (e.g. We point out the implicit and explicit emotions, determine the sense of sentence structures, etc.)

  • Language patterns (e.g. We look at word frequency, determine whether word choices are ambiguous, highlight whether the voice is clear and consistent, implicit and explicit messages, etc.)

  • Psychological patterns (e.g. We point out whether it feels like the mindset of the speaker/writer aligns with the person who will be receiving the message, examine the speaker's/writer's purpose vs. the implicit messages, etc.)

We write outlines and insights based on our findings, and we help you see the areas that you may want to enhance or advance, alongside what areas are best suiting your current needs.


We present research, findings, and/or insights to you and/or your team so you can see how linguistic and psychological communication awareness can fit into your system's structures.

We tailor the trainings to you and your team, and we can conduct trainings tailored around:

- Community development

- Modern Myth in today's days

- Interoffice communication

- Client-facing communication

- Strategic communication

- Written communication

- Communication basics

- Emotive word choices

- Metaphors

(And anything else you deem valuable for your system.)


We create interactive, in-depth, and customized communication group work for you to be able to gain an immersive look at communication practices relevant to you, your team, and your work.

Everything from the topic to the amount of time spent on the workshop is tailored to you and your team.

We pull from relevant, current research in psychology and linguistics, and we make sure that the insights and exercises are not only applicable to your system, but are able to be broadened to your communication practices in general.

We are here to help. We can be a teammate, a support system, or a research associate - whatever is best for you, your system, your mission, and your people.

Reach out and ask about package options, so we can customize a service for you.

Let's communicate,

Melissa and Neil

/Temme Meil\


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