"Melissa and Neil are a unique and talented combination. Both ask potent questions that put a whole new perspective on initiatives and strategy. While their point of view and deliverables add value to content and brand positioning, working with them is almost a self-discovery process, too. Organizations need to be more personal, real, and diverse, and Melissa and Neil help people find their voice and deliver in a more meaningful way."

- Jon Mertz, CEO, Santa Fe Innovates

Who We Work With

We work with any individual, system, or organization that is ready to enhance

and advance their work, missions, and communications

Academics | Artists | CEOs | B Corps | Clinicians

Leaders | Organizations | Systems | Writers



Each service option is meant to empower your system

to cultivate enhanced and advanced work and communication strategies


Everything is customized and tailored to your needs, your missions, and your timelines

Analysis (Individual and/or Group)

An objective look at any written, verbal, and/or nonverbal communications; provides advanced insights into communication approaches, patterns, and implicit messages; identifies cause and effect patterns

Want objective, science-backed insights?

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Buildin(Individual and/or Group)

Analysis + Instruction and Discussion:

Used for implementing enhanced communication strategies that advance your core exchanges, work, and focus; includes face to face and/or virtual consultation, trainings, and tailored workshops

Want advanced, interactive, customized guidance and implementation insights?

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A valuable addition to any project when you want to ensure consistent, distinct, and high quality communication strategies; we will give you multidimensional additions to add to projects using dynamic, advanced insights into the communications, missions, and mindsets you're evolving

Want specific insights and communication development catered to a certain goal, mission, or project?

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TrainingsWorkshops | Writing | Focus Groups

-Give us some topics, and we'll train you on their multiple dimensions or develop a tailored workshop

-Have us write for your publication, talk on your podcast, or at your event

-Have us customize and/or facilitate discussions and/or focus groups

-Have us give your team trainings focused on topics within:

 Psychology | Communications | Modern Myth

 (All tailored to your team, work, and mission)


Or, simply tell us about your ideas, needs, or event here!

Timelines and Contracts

Depending on your needs, together we'll determine

whether a short, medium, or long-term contract is best.


Short-Term: Set amount of hours for immediate work

Together we'll determine what amount of hours and type of work are needed to meet your short-term needs, advance your project, and help meet your goal

Medium-Term: Set amount of hours and services for your more in-depth needs, missions, and goals

Together we'll determine what amount of hours are needed for our work with your in-depth, ongoing projects and goals

Long-Term: Range of hours with flexible options and combinations for your ongoing, long-term needs

We'll be on call, as needed, when you'd like us to look at something, conduct a training, or put together a workshop in order to help you develop and evolve communications

Our Process

We do an initial consultation to learn about you, your system, and your needs


Together, we'll decide what combination of our services will be most beneficial for your system, accounting for budget, breadth, and depth

We execute our services, and, when applicable, we will provide a written summary with insights and recommendations, while highlighting opportunities for advancing your messages and missions further

Repeat and meet as needed.



Packages, contracts, and discounts available


All pricing and contract terms are negotiable and flexible 


Pricing is fully dependent upon the breadth, expected timeline(s) of the project(s), your budget, and amount of resources needed

*Our services are not, in any way, a substitute for, nor are they any form of medical advice, counseling, or psychotherapy.

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