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We are a husband and wife, psychotherapist and linguist team who provide interdisciplinary services. We focus on amplifying core messages and providing communication analyses and trainings to those who want to enhance, advance, and transcend communication norms in order to cultivate healthier, more dynamic and impactful relations and missions.


Who Are We?

Neil has a master's in Clinical Psychology and has worked for 10+ years with individuals of all ages, professions, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds in rural, suburban, and urban areas. He has provided individual, couples, and family counseling, as well as developed tailored trainings and consultation services for groups, organizations, and communities on a wide range of topics.

He writes about leadership progression and consults with professionals on how to Mind Your Myths: An approach he's developed that leverages higher quality, corrective communication that relies on rapport building, psychological process, and emotion management. Luckily, it's a lot easier to implement than describe!

He loves helping people transcend norms by evolving their automatic thoughts and beliefs so they can continually cultivate and accomplish healthy missions and nuanced relations.

He's an academic descendant of Carl Rogers. 

Melissa has a master's degree in Linguistics. She has worked as a content analyst, writing coach, conversation analyst, communication consultant, and authorship attribution analyst. She has a certificate in Applied Mythology and writes about using metaphors, mythology, and dreams to help us all communicate better through, what she calls, Imythiation.

Her award-winning research has revolved around discourse and literary patterns, while some of her other professional experiences involved document analysis, key word analysis, and communication efficacy in conversation.


She loves providing people word-level and big-picture insights, showing them how to better communicate their messages so they can create more meaningful connections.


She's an academic descendant of Noam Chomsky.

Sawyer is our rescue dog. He is a terrior/shih-tzu mix who loves to snuggle, build blanket forts, and bark at skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, and scooters. He also answers to "Soy Sauce." 

He is the director of creativity and morale at Temme Meil.

Campbell Jung is our rescue cat. He enjoys fetch, scaling door frames, attention, and hugging heads. His favorite treat is pumpkin, and he knows how to say "hello" and "what is this?"

He is the VP of vision and focus at Temme Meil.

​We've been a unit since 2007.

After getting experience in our respective fields, we saw the opportunity to combine forces to help individuals, leaders, and systems collaborate and communicate in increasingly effective, multidimensional, healthy, and evolution-oriented ways.

We decided to create our own system to ensure interpersonal and systemic health are priority.

We show people how the tools, techniques, and theories from our  fields can be applied in everyday conversations, project implementations,  and professional communications. 

We focus on building robust bridges in a time that seems to produce feeble barriers.

- Meil



We personally analyze any communication you'd like us to, then we provide insights on the nuances of your messaging, work, and communication strategies.

We also provide tailored trainings and workshops on topics that are catered to the needs and goals of your systems and missions to develop and enhance your real-time, interactive insight into communication ins and outs.


By relying on current psychological and linguistic tools,

we provide advanced and progress-oriented strategies.


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