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We are a husband and wife, psychotherapist and linguist team who provide interdisciplinary services and write about our professional experiences. We enhance communications in order to cultivate healthier, more dynamic and impactful relations.


Who Are We?


Neil has a master's in clinical psychology and has worked for 10+ years with individuals across cultures, ages, professions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. He has provided individual, couples, and family counseling, and developed tailored trainings and consultation services for groups, organizations, and communities on a range of topics.

He writes about leadership progression and consults with professionals on how to Mind your Myths: An approach he developed that leverages corrective communication and relies on rapport building, psychological process, and emotional management.

He loves helping people transcend norms by evolving their automatic thoughts and beliefs in order to cultivate healthy missions and nuanced relations. His book Myths of Mind focuses on how to evolve our leadership and maintain sustainable societal progressions.

He's an academic descendant of Carl Rogers. 

​We've been a unit since 2007.

After getting experience in our respective fields, we saw the opportunity to combine forces to help advance communication and relations in effective, healthy, and evolution-oriented ways.

We decided to create our own system to ensure interpersonal and systemic health are priority.

We show people how the tools, techniques, and theories from our fields can be applied in everyday interactions. 

We focus on building robust bridges

in a time that produces feeble barriers.

- Meil



We also provide tailored trainings, consultations, and workshops, using our expertise in linguistics, psychology, and mythology. We cater to the needs and goals of your system in order to develop and enhance your communication.


By relying on psychological, linguistic, and mythology tools, we provide advanced and progress-oriented strategies.


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