What does Temme Meil Do?

We all need to better understand the theories that are in the mind of another before and during the process of engaging them


We help people better understand what points of view exist

within themselves and their audiences

First, we familiarize ourselves with your missions and communications


Then, we help you see communication patterns, implicit and explicit messages that are being sent, and highlight strategies for advancing your communication methods

Why Psychology and Linguistics?

There is significant overlap between psychology and linguistics


Linguistics is the scientific study of language; language has the power to reveal mindsets, cognitive processes, and unconscious thought

Psychology allows us to uncover behavioral and emotional processes that affect communications, relations, and individual-interpersonal evolution


Together, they zoom in on nuances of conversation, providing helpful and actionable insights into how communication and work can be best advanced

What Is The Purpose of Your Services?

The purpose of our services is to allow for the theories and myths within people's minds to meet in a more effective, efficient middle


When metaphors and mindsets are understood, they can be harnessed to create overlaps that allow for conversation to move effectively, efficiently, and empathically

Our services create the space needed for partnership within any conversation.

What Do You Provide?

We provide communication analyses, building, collaborations, development, writing, and advising that supplements your community development projects


Everything is tailored and customized to meet you, your work, and communication where it is and get it to where you need and want it to be

What Questions Do You Answer?

Our services can answer the following questions, among others: 

- Is my message coming through as effectively as it could be?

- What metaphors are present in my messages? 
- What are the myths, metaphors, and

mindsets in the minds of the people

I'm trying to engage?

- What is my core message?

- How can I reach people best?

- How are my word choices affecting my messages?

- What gaps can I fill?

- Where are new opportunities and how can I harness them? 

We can highlight answers to these types of questions when we work with you

Who Do You Work With?

We work with any system wanting to understand and develop their messaging whether it be with clients, target audiences, inter-office communications, projects, or research. We are currently working with non-profits, artists, academics, cultural organizations, environmental groups, leaders, health care professionals, and clinicians.

Read our writing to see our thoughts that shed light on our way of thinking.

What Do You Do Once You Start Working With Someone?

Because everyone's needs are different,

we customize our services to your specific needs.


We do themed group speaking and discussion facilitation/engagement, trainings, workshops, individualized consultations,

project collaborations, customized qualitative research with comprehensive presentations and/or written analyses so that you can advance applications.

We provide individualized services that seek to help your work and mission advance as quickly and as effectively as possible.


The frequency and duration of services are all tailored to you, as it should be.

We execute our services and

repeat or adjust as needed.

Who Are You?

We are Melissa and Neil - wife and husband, linguist and psychotherapist. 

Learn more about our experience and background on our About Us page!

How Do I Get In Touch?

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