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Let's Start With CommUnitCation

We thought it'd be fitting to start writing a bit on here to help give more context on what it is we do, and what we are setting out to do.

More specifically, we'd like to explain what these terms: CommUnitCation, linguistic leverage, and psychological process are to us and how they help to transform the communication process in the systems we work with.

Our interdisciplinary approach helps communication evolve, in real time, in a time when it seems more necessary than ever. Of course, here we'll say, if you'd like to work with us, reach out any time. Contact Us to discuss how we can help you advance, enhance, and develop your messages, missions, and work.

Consequently, and optimistically, we want to define and expand on the various applications of CommUnitCation 1) It is a vehicle that works to empower more people to see systemic change opportunities as they show up 2) It is a technique that shows us how we can all see our changes through more thoroughly during our daily interactions, and exchanges of ideas and information.

In short, CommUnitCation is a combination of, Community + Unity within Communication. It's a differentiation from communication and its overly-generalizable connotation. In essence, it is a term that leads people into a necessary, more nuanced paradigm where we can all meet with others in order to transcend norms.

CommUnitCation is a term that we use to describe our belief that communication, at its core, entails community and unity. It's also a term that conceptualizes our process and how we work to make sure both are present in the communications we help you develop - we want to make sure each side of the conversation is being heard and understood. It also helps us focus better on and within collaboration opportunities that show up in our daily interactions.

The Principles of CommUnitCation

CommUnitCation seeks to highlight the core messages and beliefs within systems and bring enhanced communication opportunities to light

CommUnitCation allows your message(s) to be more readily received while gaining a more in-depth understanding of the messages being sent to you

CommUnitCation primes you for enhanced interpersonal collaboration

CommUnitCation is a compass for navigating disruptions in order to transform them into creative opportunities for personal and interpersonal evolution

The goal of it all is, of course, to shift the societal narrative in a direction that creates and allows for nuance within the opportunities that are present inside interpersonal conversations. And we believe the way we are going to achieve this with the necessary momentum is by helping one another move, and move forward, together in our narratives and mindsets.

By taking a vacation from some of those automatic thoughts that occur, and by disrupting the process of misunderstanding another who is different from ourselves in theory, culture, or mindset, we can create a current of opportunity to see just how similar our stories, backgrounds, and messages really are.

We use linguistics and psychological processes to help systems, individuals, and leaders more consistently achieve understanding within themselves, with others, and through the art of talk, language, and any other media that uses personal, interpersonal, and unique communications.

We invite anyone interested in this process to join us, work with us, and learn with us.

We are determined to keep learning, too.

To that end, let's get to work, together,


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