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Book Updates! Mind Your Myths™

Minding Our Myths

We know some of you have been curious about the titles of our books and what they are focused on, so we thought we'd go ahead put together a quick article to describe each briefly. Mostly, we are just excited to share and continue writing for you!

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Mythos: A map to Myths,

Metaphors, and Dreams (2020)

(Available Now) Mythos is a linguist's take on how to use the combination of metaphors, myth, and dreams as a way to propel our conversations - and our societal dynamics - forward.

It highlights how dreams, myths, and metaphors serve as a guide to illustrate what is within each of us and how they can be used to bring groups together through communal consideration and understanding. It, of course, argues for collective myths, which are nothing more than amplified metaphors, to be reincorporated into our everyday rhetoric, serving to bind us together in a time of divisive language.

Her accessible technique, Imythiation™, is developed throughout, as she pulls from literary, mythological, and artistic minds to help illustrate the myths that are sleeping within us all, waiting to be reawakened.

Click here to order your copy and please do feel free to pass along the link to anyone who might be interested in reading.


Neil's first book is the beginning of a series of volumes titled

Myths of Mind

Volume I: Waking Up - dives into how to strategically handle and navigate the waves of insecurity in yourself, and with others, no matter what he calls - The Interpersonal Weather.

From a psychotherapist's point of view, he describes ways we can all continue to confront the incorrective thinking in ourselves by creating secondary awakenings of our individual, and our cultural-collective consciousness.

Intertwining Jung, Campbell, Grandin, Rogers, and other quality leaders of our time, he focuses in on how to help those who are struggling to swim in healthier, more secure and congruent currents of consciousness.

Using water metaphors throughout, he seeks to help anyone interested in learning how to create wider waves and wakes in their own conscious mind, and the conscious mind of another when you: Mind Your Myths™.

It should be out sometime in the summer of 2020.


We know these books will be useful to any self developer, other developer, leader, leadership developer, artist, writer, teacher, linguist, psychotherapist, health care professional, as well as any general reader who is interested in human evolution - and more specifically, the evolutions of our cognitions, belief systems, and perceptions.

They will be especially useful for any readers who are engaged in the development of human nature themselves and are creating healthier collective awareness already, while respecting autonomy and individual development at the same time.

Our hope is that leaders, teachers, artists, and other creatives with powerful voices will read, and go on to amplify their impact by using the insights and techniques provided in each book.

We look forward to releasing more very soon, and to this end, order your copy of Mythos!








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