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Temme Meil Delivery Time!

What can you expect when we're discussing contracts and packages?

First of all, you can expect for everything to be tailored to you, your people, your company, your missions and goals, your timelines, and your budget. We make sure we're aware of it all before creating package options for you to pick from.

We know communication is personal and always needs to be tailored to specific people and groups. So, we customize everything from specific questions that we make sure to answer, timelines for services to be rendered, all the way to budgetary constraints.

We can provide any combination of our services.

  • Analysis + Training

  • Training + Workshop

  • Analysis + Workshop

  • Analysis + Training + Workshop

We provide short-term, medium-term, and long-term options for all of our packages.

  • Hourly packages for those who want our services for one very specific project/item

  • Discounted hourly packages for a greater amount of time expected to be spent on a few different items

  • Discounted hourly packages for a large number of hours expected to be spent on several projects/items over a more extended period of time

  • Long-term retainer fees so you can contact us when you want us to look at something, develop and schedule a training on the fly, or put together a workshop for you and your team in a week or two

The bottom line is: We ask you about what your goals are, introduce you to what our services look like, discuss what you'd like us to do, and then, we create different options that address your goals and outline the breadth of each package that will help us work with/for you.

We know that inviting someone into your inner circle can be vulnerable and, at times, tricky to navigate. That's why we make sure you're in the loop on our processes and all your options for working with us before we begin collaborating.

We do free initial consultations. We love talking to people (surprise, surprise), and of course we'd love to sit down and talk with you about how we can help with your current aims.

Take a more in-depth look at our services and reach out! Let's schedule your delivery dates.

Melissa and Neil

/Temme Meil\


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