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Language & Cognition

Language & Cognition is the sort of fancy term that you could use to describe our process and work.

When we look at and think about the language within communications, it includes a few obvious things:

  • Word choice

  • Sentence structure

  • Metaphor usage

  • Voice: Consistency, clarity, tone

But, when we do our analyses, we also boil those things down to really get to the core of a communication. For example:

  • Word choice inspection can become an in-depth look at the words that are being used throughout in order to see patterns present within those choices, understand the mindset that may be occurring at the time those words were chosen, and recognize repetitions in different sections/areas.

  • Sentence structure examination sometimes turns into a deep dive into the flow of the sentences and how that plays into the overall voice, the embedded clauses and how those play into core messages, verb tense effects, and the length of sentences and how that affects the tone.

  • Metaphor inspections (which we have the most fun with) turn into us boiling down the metaphors to their inner-most meanings and using that to look at emotions, mindsets, overall tone, and message alignment.

But we also move past language (the linguistics) and dive into cognition (psychology/physiology) of a communication. We look at core beliefs, emotions, and archetypal images that are showing up or coming through in messages. And a lot more because communication is complicated!

We look at the why, which, who, and where behind the messaging:

Why is the person saying it this way rather than that way?

Where is there a sense of security or insecurity?

Which portions of the messaging are congruent with the missions and work?

Why are certain prototypes peeking through?

Who does it sound like is speaking/writing?

Which emotions are appearing and fluctuating most frequently?

It may seem like a lot, but we love taking these deep dives into communications to help people better understand their own strategies, see how they can develop those strategies best, and understand how the strategies align with their current needs and goals.

Want a free initial consultation? Reach out, and let's chat!

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