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Hey, You! [Writers]

Our services may sound very niche and obtuse, but the reality is that we can apply them to you and your writing in whatever way is best for you. We work with your genre and your goals, give package discounts tailored to breadth of services, and provide depth, substance, and research-backed insight using psychology and linguistics. Here's how:

If you're a fiction writer writing a book and would like insight on whether your characters are consistent throughout the text, we can take a look at your writing.

We inspect the dialogue, the narration, and the storyline and let you know where any inconsistencies in your character's development may be; whether that's through certain dialogue patterns, narration-based character building, or descriptive tactics, we can highlight where your characters consistently come through and where any breaks in character occur.

If you're writing non-fiction for a specific type of audience, we can do research on your audience(s), take a look at their speech patterns, gain cognitive and linguistic insights, and then go through your work to examine where those patterns align and where they mismatch. Then, we provide suggestions and ways to enhance the alignments and ameliorate the mismatches, while ensuring consistency with your own work.

If you're writing online content for a specific business purpose that's geared toward specific demographics, we can inspect the content and provide insights on the patterns of the demographics you're targeting. We'll give you our analyses, insights, and suggestions so that you can be confident that you're staying true to your goals while also looking your digital audience in the virtual eye and meeting them where they're at.

When you work with us, you get partnership, enhanced insights, advanced approaches, and strengthened understanding of all the conversations happening around and within you.

Whether you're a non-fiction writer, an SEO writer, a B2B writer, a fiction writer, or a free verse writer, we'll provide insight and understanding along your way. We'll help give your writing depth, confidence, multidimensionality, and assurance of audience alignment.

Reach out to have us customize an entry package for your work in order to help you evolve your writing to a new dimension.

So, let's talk together.


/Temme Meil\


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