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Hey, You! [Business Owners]

We have been told a couple of times that our services sound intangible at first. What we do can sound unreachable at times because it only becomes concretized when we know which specific communications we're looking at, who the audience is, and what types of insights are going to be the most beneficial for you.

We mainly combine conversation analysis and cognitive analysis so we can provide a well-rounded, 360' view of communications and strategy. When Melissa tells people that she's a communication analyst, it makes sense because those insights are important to everyone and conversation is one of the most useful activities we all experience on a daily basis. When Neil tells people he's a psychotherapist, it makes sense because psychological research and therapy are important, especially as they are each becoming more commonly understood and respected in our society.

But when the fields are combined, the terms and strategies become hidden in a mist of puzzlement. Why combine the two? What does one have to do with the other?

Because we live in an increasingly complex and multidimensional world, we are going to need interdisciplinary, cross-cultural teamwork more than before, especially when it comes to helping specific, broad, and multicultural categories of people maintain their sustainability, individually and collectively. And, in doing so, this requires our brain and mind to put the pieces from each field together in order to form a more complete picture that accounts for all of the variables affecting our work, selves, and businesses today.

This is exactly why multidisciplinary research, analysis, strategy, and insight are all now so important - because they require us to put the puzzles together completely, rather than simply accepting or repeating the currently incomplete picture that's floating around us at face value.

So, when we work with business owners, we get a sense of their business: Their missions, their people, their strategies, their audiences, and their goals. Then, when they give us specific types of communications, we take all of that into account to provide the most accurate, dynamic, and strategic insights possible. This way, we can all be more impactful and sustainable together.

Whether it's naturally occurring interoffice communication, a proposal for a contract, website content, project development, artistic messaging, or brainstorming a new mission statement, we make sure we're giving you research-backed, personalized, multidimensional insights and strategies so you can enhance your work and advance your mission beyond expectations.

When you work with us, you get enhanced insights, advanced approaches, and strengthened understanding of all the communications happening around and within your systems.

Whether you're a CEO, a manager, or a team lead, we'll provide insight and understanding along your way. We'll help give your communications and work greater depth, multidimensionality, and enhanced audience awareness.

Reach out to have us customize a package to help you evolve your communications.

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