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Analysis Rundown

You may be saying to yourself, "But what exactly will I be getting if I get an analysis from Temme Meil? How the H-E-Double-hockey-sticks am I supposed to know what a psycholinguistic analysis is??"

Well, good news! This post is for you because we are about to tell you exactly what comes in an analysis!

We break down our analyses into sections.

Section 1: Linguistics

  • Key words used in the communications What these words convey emotionally What these words say about processing load for listeners What these words say about the mindset of the speaker(s)

  • Recurring metaphors What these metaphors mean about the mindset of the speaker(s) What the metaphors say about core beliefs the speaker(s) are operating with What the metaphors implicitly say about the core message within the communication

  • Core message breakdown Implicit and explicit messages How listeners may respond How the potential responses align with the desired response

Section 2: Psychology

  • Key emotions being conveyed What these emotions do to the overall message How these emotive messages align with the intended audience How the emotions will affect the response and the way the message will be received

  • Core beliefs and mindsets present in the message What this says about where the speaker(s) are coming from What this means for the message How listeners and audiences will pick up on these beliefs and mindsets How listeners and audiences will respond to those beliefs and mindsets Whether these beliefs and mindsets are aligning with the audience's

  • Core message alignment Whether the core messages and emotions are aligning from speaker to listener Where mismatches exist and where they have the potential to occur How to align emotions and beliefs between speaker and audience How to direct messages to the appropriate listeners/audiences

Section 3: Putting it Together

  • How the language used affects the emotions being conveyed

  • How the language affects potential emotional responses by listeners

  • How/whether metaphors between speaker and listener align

  • How mindset and core beliefs are affecting the communication

  • Summary of core messages, mindsets, core beliefs and how they align or misalign with the intended messages and desired responses

Everything is, of course, tailored to you and your systems

We can look at interoffice communication, email correspondences, transcripts of spoken communication, etc. Or, we can listen to recorded conversations like focus groups, brainstorming discussions, meetings, etc. to provide useful and relevant insights.

We can look at the communication of your audiences/listeners and provide tangible strategies for responding, or we can look at your communication and provide insight into the potential responses - emotional, implicit, and/or explicit.

We're here to help! Reach out to talk about how we can help provide insight, tangible strategies, and psycholinguistic applications for you!

Let's talk,



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